"Man oh man is Unhanded super cool. I love the tricks that you can do with Unhanded. I am obsessed! There is so much here and the ingenuity of this utility device is off the charts. You can really do mind blowing magic without ever touching the cards... I love it when I open a product and canít figure out what the method or gimmick is. This is one of those times. It was not until that I watched the instructional video did I know and understand the power behind this gimmick, which I have never seen before... This is one of those rare times that I feel that the possibilities are only limited by your imagination... Unhanded get the highest recommendation!!!" -Straight Talk Magic Reviews , Reviewer

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Imagine being in full control of a spectator's card, without EVER touching the cards. Impossible!? Welcome to J.P. Vallarino's UNHANDED!

This is the ultimate card control utility - they choose, they sign, they cut, they shuffle, and they can even place the deck back into the card box to make it completely sleight-proof! You can have your back turned the entire time while sipping Pina Colada's, and UNHANDED will control of their selected/signed card for you!

And because you never have to touch the cards, the heat is never on you. UNHANDED can be used as a super easy peek, as a devious card steal, a card penetration, a fully hands-off transpo, or a miraculous vanish! From magic to mentalism, the choice is fully up to you!The power to control their signed and selected card is now in THEIR hands! But what you do with that, is entirely up to you... This is UNHANDED!

Price: $35.00

Unhanded (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by JP Vallarino