Royal Road To Card Magic

The Classic Course In Card Magic, Royal Road To Card Magic, comes to you in this 4 DVD Set! You will learn the basics and then get into the advanced moves and tricks making you a Royal Card Performer...
"A first in Magic, Magic Makers is grateful to bring this 4 DVD SET to the Magic Fraternity... " - Rob Stiff

Many wonderful magicians, including Bill Malone, have started with The Royal Road To Card Magic Book, a classic of card magic! Now complete the experience and learn first hand from the best instructional DVDs on card magic. The Royal Road To Card Magic belongs on every magician's shelf. " - Marty "Martini"Grams

My suggestion is to have a copy of The Royal Road to Card Magic Book, still available at Mel's Magic City and use these Dvd's as a companion to reading and studying the book
You will learn:

Overhand Shuffle Controls
The Glide
Riffle Shuffle Techniques
Flourishes-including the one-handed fan
The Glimpse
The Key Card
The Palm
The Backslip
Overhand Shuffle 2
Flse Shuffles and Cuts
Double Lift and Turnover
The Pass
Misc. Flourishes
Hindu Shuffle and Controls
Classic Force
Top and Bottom Changes
Platform Tricks

Price: $60..00

Royal Road To Card Magic Dvd's