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More Ron Frost Magic

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Surrounded -

Soft Drink Surprise
Transpotted Paddle
X - Factor

Tricks From The Wax Museum
Circus Car Caper

A special board as above has an assortment of cards surrounding a mini deck of regular cards. A person freely chooses one of the pictured cards. The person picks up the deck and spreads out the cards and he discovers only one card in the deck is face-up; this card matches his choice! Repeatable with different results each time. The board is approximately 5" by 7". Any deck can be used, although a mini one is supplied. You get the colorful board, mini deck and full instrructions! This is good walk around magic that is different and easy to do!

Price: 13.50

Ron Frost's Surrounded

Two large "brick" cards as above are shown and placed together. A selected card is placed on top of the deck and the deck is placed on top of the wall. Magically, the selected card ends up between the walls!

When this stunt is tried a second time, the card penetrates both slates and has a blank face; the bottom wall is turned over with the face of the chosen card now printed on the wall! This can be repeated with different cards and everything can be examined! The walls are beautifully printed and this routine lends itiself to a Houdini theme. It is terrific walk - around magic at a reasonable price!

Price: $13.50

More Ron Frost Effects
Card Thru the Wall


Ron Frost

Out of this world magic that is guaranteed to leave your spectators lost in space. Four intrepid Aces, the Ace-tronauts, embark on a journey through time. During their epic trip, they turn face down, face up, disappear and then magically reappear. Before the mission is over, the faces of our adventurous Aces enlarge to more than ten times their original size for what can only be called a really big finish.

Minimal sleights, an easy reset and a stunningly visual climax make this a great trick from blast off to splashdown! Comes complete with special Poker-size Bicycle cards and photo illustrated instructions.

Price: $15.00
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Soft Drink Surprise
By Ron Frost

You remove six cards from your wallet. On your left you place two cards with a Coca-Cola logo on their back and one card with a Pepsi logo on its back. On your right you put down two Pepsi cards and one Coke card.

The audience is asked to watch carefully as you slowly move the cards around. The Pepsi and Coke cards are switched and placed face-up giving you one pile of Coke and one pile of Pepsi cards.

Now the fun begins. The cards are switched back and forth as the spectators keep track of them. Just as everyone swears that there is one of each card in front of him, you show that the Pepsis are on the left and the Cokes are on the right.

Then, asking your spectators what's on the back of the face-up cards, they will guess either Pepsi or Coke - they will be shocked to see that both cards have changed into Budweiser beer cards.

Soft Drink Surprise could drive someone to drink, but what to drink is the real question.

Comes complete with all necessary cards, plastic wallet and photo illustrated instructions. Very easy.

Original Price: $12.00

Our Price: $10.00 ea
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Transpotted Paddle
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Show a paddle with six different-colored spots on each side. A spectator chooses a color and the matching spot vanishes from both sides of the paddle. One of the spots comes back while the other stubbornly refuses to reappear. Where did it go?

The spot turns up on the back of a previously thought-of card, which the spectator has been holding the entire time. Everything is examinable.

Minimal sleights and virtually no reset makes this a must-have effect. Perform it whenever you're "on the spot." Comes with photo-illustrated instructions, special paddle and extra spots. Your spectator will see spots in front of his eyes! The paddle can then be examined!!! This rarely happens in paddle effects.

US $10.00


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"X-ceptionally visual magic that will stun your audience! A selected card is lost in the deck and you remove four of a kind from the deck which includes the selection. The faces of the cards are clearly shown as the card thought to be the selection is placed to one side.

Employing the "X-Factor" you begin to verify the selection's identity by showing that the other three cards now have a big, black "X" emblazoned on their faces.

The mind-blowing climax comes when the selection is turned over to show that it not only has a big "X" across its back but the back also changed color!

This is visual, easy-to-do, easy-to-reset magic, perfect for the strolling performer. Comes with special Poker Bicycle cards and photo-illustrated instructions, use your own deck.

Price: $10.00


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As many as six different spectators can select cards and you will be able to instantly tell them which card they are thinking of. All the chosen cards are different. Great for platform workers, close-up magicians and mentalists.

Decktamental is clean and direct magic. Comes complete with a poker Bicycle deck.

US $12.50


Tricks From The Wax Museum - Ron Frost

Ron's back - again this time with a booklet entitled, Tricks from the Wax Museum.
Not only is Ron a seasoned performer, but he is an inventor, writer, and lecturer of Magic as well. This new booklet is a compilation of some of his favorite effects from his lecture utilizing wax. Unfortunately, many magicians overlook the many applications of wax in magic. It is probably the most useful of all the accessories that are available to magicians. It is also probably the most overlooked. This new booklet by Ron Frost makes an exciting contribution toward exploring the endless possibilities using wax in magic.

Price: $4.00

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Ron Frost's CIRCUS CAR CAPER -Discontiued

A replica of a circus cage car is shown to be mounted on a 5x7 black board. A regular poker card is placed inside the car as a prediction. The board with the card is set aside. Several other pieces of cards are poured out of an envelope. A person is asked to assemble the matching pieces together. The performer says the last card pieces will match the prediction. However, the person is left short with only one half of a card remaining. To everyone?s amazement the circus card now contains the missing half piece. To top the mystery off the whole card that was in the car is found inside the envelope that was just emptied. It can be repeated with any of the five cards.

Price $ 15.00