Joker Magic's 'Ring Case' is a neat visual effect with a clever method that looks quite convincing to those watching since the magician's hands are always empty; the playing card waved over the ring to make it vanish is unprepared and there really is nothing to see ... one second the ring is resting on the close card box, the next second it is inside the card box.

The gaffed props supplied are quite well made and innocent looking and the color photo-illustrated instructions provide all the info needed to work the trick. Also included is a ring to practice with, although just about any ring can be used.

While the props are self-working, the handling needs to be practiced, since it must be done without hesitation to get the full effect out of the props.

One really interesting use for Ring Case is as a kicker for Ring Flight. The ring disappears and is found in the key case, removed, placed on the card box and disappears again to reappearing in a second impossible location. The gaff could also be used to load a prediction into a card box with a minimum of fuss.

Ring Case should appeal to close up workers who appreciate a strong visual using apparently ordinary objects.

Price: $45.00


A borrowed ring is placed on top of a card box. Picking up a playing card, the magician waves it over the ring. The ring promptly disappears. The magician picks up the card box and shakes it. A rattling sound is heard. He opens the card box and tips it, the ring slides out of the card box.

Ring Case