Price: $15.00

Rare Magic Tricks

Double Vision: The magician hands a deck of playing cards to a spectator who selects two cards at random. The magician displays two blank playing cards, which he/she rubs on to the faces of the selected cards. When the blank cards are turned over they now have copies of the selected cards printed on them. By Spooky Stuff Limited / Price: $15.00

Card-bin Copy: The performer removes from his/her pocket the world's smallest copy machine and states that the amazing part is it has no moving parts!

To prove his/her point, the wonderworker instructs the spectator to sign one of the blank cards in the machine. Next, an ordinary deck of playing cards is cut by the volunteer, and the copymachine is inserted in the deck. The control panel is now placed on top of the deck and activated.

To everybody's amazement, when the signed card is removed from the copying machine and turned over, the card now has a printed copy of a card on the other side. The kicker is that it matches the selected card! The trick has no moving parts, no batteries, and just enough of a gimmick to make the handling almost self-working and foolproof. By Spooky Stuff Limited

Both of these effects are great for walk-around and reset quickly-You will enjoy them! They were created by Joe Silkie and John Farentino

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