This is based on Ron Frost's wondeful Colorful Choice effect. A mentalist displays five American coins: a half dollar, a quarter, a. dime, a nickel, and a penny. These coins are each shown in beautiful, clear, plexiglass coin cases. Ten professionally laminated cards as depicted are also displayed. All the cards' faces have different coins at diffferent numbers and the coins are either heads up or tails up. The mentalist makes an open prediction with the coins. A participant chooses any number from one to ten ( a totally free choice). The cards are counted from the top of the pile, only. There is no counting from the bottom and neither is there any spelling to get to the participant's card. Once the card is arrived at, the performer tells the assistant to look at the coin at the chosen number. Let's say it is the nickel. Then the participant notices that the nickel is tails up. When the mentalist's coin prediction is checked, the only coin tails up is the nickel! This can be instantly repeated with different results and everything can be minutely examined. It is perfect for the strolling magician because it is an instant reset and takes up hardly any pocket space. The coins in coin cases are included. Jeff also includes a cute draw string bag to carry the coins, along with laminated cards and Jeff's routine. Suffice it to say, Jeff's offering here has fooled some of the most fertile minds in magic!

Price: $40.00

Predictable Change by Jeff Alan