Deep Astonishment II "The Gypsy" by Paul Harris

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Everything About Deep Astonishment Has Been Improved, Simplified and Beautified.

You display a leather gypsy envelope and a beautiful old gypsy fortune

telling deck.  Each card has a fortune printed right on its face. You ask your "client" to utter the name of a special someone to create a relaxed fortune telling atmosphere. Let's say her special name is "Rose."

You then do a short three card reading for your client. The first card predicts good luck. The second card indicates an impending mystery. The third card hints that this impending lucky mystery might have something to do with an envelope. Could it be referring to the leather envelope lying on the table?

You open the leather envelope and remove a small packet of fortune telling cards. Their backs are a different color than the cards you've been using!

You slowly and cleanly deal the cards from the envelope on the table. The first card has a large hand drawn "R" on its back.  The next card an "O". The nest an "S". The final card an "E"...spelling "Rose"!

No one says anything for a very long time. Then a single word escapes your client's lips. "HOW?"

  • NO Cue Cards!
  • NO Memorization
  • NO Mnemonics
  • NO Lead-in Effect!
  • NO Cards to Hold!
  • Totally Angle Proof!
  • Completely Streamlined!
  • Includes a custom-made leather envelope and a full-color gypsy fortune telling deck!
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Paul Harris Magic

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Art Of Astonishment Set (1-3) by Paul Harris
- The best set of books a close-up or street magician could own. This is our most popular book set. It's also perhaps the best investment in the entire shop.


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"Sooner or later you're going to have to buy these books. Very highly recommended!"- Michael Close

"For me, the strongest testimony to the caliber of Paul's material is that after some fifteen years, many of his routines (and variations thereof) still remain firmly entrenched in the bedrock of my repertoire. Routines such as Reset, Las Vegas split, Double Monte, A Subtle Poker Move, Quarter Caper, Fantasy Aces, Uncanny, Open Revelation, Las Vegas Leaper, and A Simple Switch -- Just to name a few." --Gregory Wilson

The Effect
This three-volume set of books contains all of Paul's classics, updated and refined, as well as 73 brand-new creations! All in all, these books contain over 900 pages of Paul Harris including a ground-breaking essay discussing the feeling of astonishment as our natural state of mind. There are also six conversations with Eric Mead about effects that are too weird even for Paul.

  • New Stuff
    • Buck Naked
    • Unshuffling Rebecca
    • Light and Heavy Dime
    • Backlash
    • Improv Nightshades
    • Apple
    • Lip Balm (Kechter/Liwag/Mead/P.H.)
  • First Piece (1973)
  • The Magic of Paul Harris (1976)
  • Paul Harris Reveals Some of His Most Intimate Secrets (1976)
  • Super Magic (1977)
  • Las Vegas Close-Up (1978)
  • Misc. Pieces of Paul (1985)
  • Astonishing Friends
  • Gregory Wilson
  • Conversations from the Edge
  • New Stuff
    • Counterfeit Spectator
    • Swiss Movement
    • Lysdexia
    • Flesh
    • Angel Case
    • Putty Buddy
    • Putty Buddy's Pal
    • Strange-O
    • Hiccup
    • Twinkie Bottle (Tanner/P.H.)
    • Fluffer Deck
    • McGimmick
    • Cincinnati Blues
    • Cincinnati Two-Faced Blues
    • Skin Job (P.H./Mead)
    • Fizz-Master (P.H./Mead
  • Connections
  • Close-Up Entertainer (1979)
  • Close-Up Fantasies 1 & 2 (1980)
  • Misc. Pieces of Paul
  • Astonishing Friends
  • Conversations from the Edge
  • New Stuff
    • Shape of Astonishment
    • Window of Opportunity
    • Hot Chocolate
    • The Anything Deck
    • Peanut Butter & Jellyfish
    • Rumpled Splitskin
    • Free Ride
    • Arrow-Split-Arrow
    • Bat Fishing
    • Membrane
    • Membrane: With a Pack of Smokes
    • The Swing Thing (P.H./Mead)
    • Tic-Tac (P.H./Mead)
    • Leaf (P.H./Mead)
  • Close-Up Fantasies Finale (1981)
  • Close-Up Kinda Guy (1983)
  • Brainstorm in the Bahamas (1983)
  • Close-Up Seductions (1984)
  • Magicial Arts Journal (1987)
  • Secrets of the Astonishing Executive (1991)
  • Misc. Pieces of Paul
  • Astonishing Friends
  • Conversations from the Edge

What You Get

Three hardbound volumes each containing over 300 pages!

A total of 222 effects!

73 brand new creations!

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Cardian Angel by Paul Harris
- This effect is HIGHLY VISUAL. The Animated Angel Finds Your Friend's Card... AND Their Name!

Price: 15.00

The Effect
A spectator selects a card and replaces it in the pack. As the performer flips through the Bicycle deck, one of the printed angels on the back starts to animate like a cartoon, flying off the bicycle and reaching into the mysterious "angel zone" before pulling out a playing card.

The animated angel begins turning the card over and it matches the spectator's selection!

But that's just the beginning...once the angel has completely turned over the card it has the spectator's name printed boldly on the face!

Manufacturer Says
Comes complete with specially printed deck of Bicycle cards which includes 150 different names and detailed, fully illustrated booklet.

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Reality Twister by Paul Harris - The most visual pocket illusion ever invented. It truly blurs the line between reality and fantasy!

[ ]

"I tore this open as soon as it came in. I've found my new pocket trick!!" -A. Altinsel, Penguin Magic

The Effect
A spectator examines your new experimental "Reality Twister." It bears a remarkable resemblance to a normal hunk of clear plastic, about the size of a credit card. The spectator also looks over a pen ...which bears a remarkable resemblance to a normal hunk of pen. Your giddy-with-anticipation spectator holds the pen on her open palm as you hold the clear Reality Twister lens just above the pen so she can see the pen directly through the lens.

You give the lens a twist ...and the center of the pen becomes transparent ...and then completely invisible! She can even see right through her spread fingers where the pen was a moment ago. Another twist of the Twister and the missing center of pen suddenly becomes visible!

You then slowly twist the Reality Twister and in full view the center of the pen visibly distorts ...then melts itself into an extreme twist!!! Your astonished spectator immediately examines the deformed balloon doggie pen. There's no explanation ...except that the Reality Twister is not a thing you'd want near any of your favorite body parts.

No switches, no extra pieces, uses just the one pen ...which you or the spectator can write with before and after the effect. No reset ...The Reality Twister is always ready to go!

And now for the really wonderful part ...the entire effect actually happens on the spectator's open palm. You never touch the pen during the mutations. You just give the clear plastic lens a little twist and the center of the pen visibly vanishes, reappears then melts into a twist!

What You Get
Comes complete with the incredible gimmick, pen and detailed instructions.

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