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Starting to get feedback on the new book, Paul Mellan wrote to say, "Love the book. Used 'Messages' on the magicians that meet in the shop, Fooled them all and got a laugh".

Paul A Lelekis e-mailed to say "Fantastic book". 

Mark Leveridge said he'd done a review that would appear in the September issue of  "MagicSeen" magazine.  
A fun collection of over fifty magic and mentalism effects shared in an easy to read style. Some you will be doing almost instantly. Others may require easily obtainable props or props you may already have or can create. Some of the non card items previously appeared in Paal's "OOPS" e-book series now together under one cover to make your bookshelf look better!

Effects in this collection demonstrate time travel, remote viewing, causing thought of cards to travel inside a spectator's wallet, the hypnotic quality of rare berries and demonstrating love conquers all with a few alphabet cards. But there is a lot more. Paul's most diverse collection since Magic From the Overground.

Price: $30.00

O .O .P .S Magic and Mentalism by Paul Hallas