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Oops Just Cards contains over 40 card tricks. that amuze, amaze, and cause jaws to drop, but always entertan as Paul puts his own spin on not only some classic plots, but some that are more obscure.

"Love your take on my 'Eight of Diamonds Trick' and 'Diminishing Not Likely"' - Paul Gordon

"Another useful collection. I was doing the card stab the same day." - Jack Jansen

"My personal favorites are, 'Buddha's Card to Wallet,' 'Like Clockwork,' 'Here, There and In the Air,' and ' The Imaginary Card'" - Joseph Kovaks

"I particularly liked, 'That's Definitely It,' Out of Sight, In My Mind,' and 'Tucker Time.'" - John Howtowka

Paul Hallas is an English magician now living in the U. S. A. He is the author of Magic From the Overground, Mentalism with Cards, Small but Deadly, Across the Void, Magic For Friends and Family, and the Mindful Mentalism series.

Paul's performances have brought enjoyment to many over the years and he hopes your use of this material will aid you in doing the same.

“There is so much good material here” - Jim Canaday, The Magic Portal.

“Everything is workable and practical. A very strong collection of card magic. For $28, it’s an incredible value,” - Steven Keyl, The Magic Café.

“ I do recommend that anybody who hasn't yet done so, check this book out. In fact, check out anything of Paul's.”  Blathermist –The Magicians Forum.

Price: $28.00

Oops Just Cards by Paul Hallas-Soft Bound
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