Mentalism with Cards Book by Paul Hallas- Discontnued

Discussion, References and Experiments in a Controversial Subject

Paul Hallas is the author of Mindful Mentalism, series of books, Mental Mix, Magic From the Overground, Across the Void, Baby Totat, Totat Rides Again, Table Hoppers' Guide Book, and Small But Deadly (packet tricks). Paul's Especially Wild, Hare Hat Rabbits, and Something from Nothing are best sellers among marketed packet effects. He has also been featured on several instructional Dvd's and also lectures frequently.

This brand new book is mainly a reference book on performing mentalism with cards, although there are tricks in the book too. For example Al Baker's "Pellets and Card Trick" is profusely discussed with several different handlings. Paul has a unique style of writing in which the reader feels Paul is there personally instructing!

The book covers:

Predictions with Cards
Rapid Mentalism
The Psychic Gambler
The Spectator Has the Ability
Bliondfold Routines
Symbol Decks
Zener Esp Cards
Alphabet Cards
Number Cards
Tarot Trickery

In this beautiful hardcover book, there are 154 pages. At this point only only a few copies of the book are still in print.
Price: $45.00