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Videomind: Max Maven's 3-Volume Mentalism DVD Set
US $105.00

Max Maven is one of the most important performers and creators of mental magic in the history of the art. These outstanding DVDs contain some of his favorite and best routines. If you ever wanted to be a mentalist you owe it to yourself to study everything Max Maven has to say. The magic on the three DVDs (Parlor Mentalism, Close-Up Mentalism and Stage Mentalism) is customized to the three major venues that a professional might find himself in.

Volume 1- Videomind: Parlor Mentalism
Routines geared for poor stand-up conditions: The Mockingbird, Autome, Divine Write, Zenvelopes, Kurotsuke, and The Mind's Eye Deck.

Volume 2- Videomind: Close-Up Mentalism
Routines geared for intimate performances: Shape-Up, Changeling, Isolation, Key To The Future, Symbalance, Positive Negative, and The Hawk.

Volume 3- Videomind: Stage Mentalism
Routines geared for large audiences: Goal Mine, Tossed - Out Tech, Khan Artist, Contimental, and Psign.

The many techniques, presentations and in-depth analysis contained on these DVDs can be used for many other applications and routines -- the information disclosed constitutes a virtual "post-graduate course" in mentalism.

Sold only as a set of three. All DVDs also contain a behind-the scenes photo gallery and are not country specific so they can be played worldwide. (Purchased separately these DVDs sell for $34.95 each).
US $89.95