Four Popular Reprints From Kaufman

David Roth's Expert Coin Magic
Secrets of Brother John Hamman
Mysteries of My Life Renee Levand
Complete Works of Derek Dingle

Kaufman and Company Books and Videos

Below are items currently availible from Kaufman and Company.

  Basic Basic Basic Card Technique: VHS Videotape
(Richard Kaufman)
  CardMagic (Richard Kaufman) 35.00
  Collected Almanac (Richard Kaufman) 55.00
  Gary Kurtz: Unexplainable Acts (Richard Kaufman) 30.00
__ Jennings '67 (Richard Kaufman) 40.00
  Jennings '67 Deluxe Edition 80.00
  Looking Glass: Complete file, 4 issues, 200 pages
(Kaufman, Racherbaumer, Hobbs)
  Mastering the Art of Magic (Eugene Burger) 45.00
  On the Pass: VHS Videotape (Richard Kaufman) 30.00
  Paul Gertner's Steel and Silver (Richard Kaufman)
  Performance of Close-Up Magic (Eugene Burger) 35.00
  Secrets Draun from Underground (Richard Kaufman)
  Sankey Panky (Richard Kaufman) 35.00
  Smoke and Mirrors (John Bannon) 35.00
  Stanley Collins: Conjuror, Collector, and Iconoclast
(Edwin Dawes)
  Stanyon's Magic: 3 Volumes in Slipcase with Full Index (Ellis Stanyon) 250.00
  Stanyon's Serial Lessons in Conjuring (Ellis Stanyon) 40.00
  Stodare: The Enigma Variations (Edwin Dawes) 50.00
  Strange Ceremonies (Eugene Burger) 35.00
  Swami Mantra (Sam Dalal) 60.00
  Uncanny Scot, Ron Wilson (Richard Kaufman)
  Williamson's Wonders (Richard Kaufman