The orginal Zone Zero Board used by it's inventor, Jerry Andrus, has a unique design on each side. Side one, on the left above, is a picture of Jerry's pulse. Jerry created this design by placing photographic paper on a turning drum. He then affixed a small mirror on his arm, so it moved with his pulse. He then shined a light on the mirror so the reflected light hit the photographic paper on the turning drum. The result was a single, squiggly line created by his pulse. He then duplicated the design, in a spiral fashion, to creat the design on the left. This design also appears on the cover of Andrus Card Control.

Expected release date of Zone Zero II is Aug. 31st, 2001. Included with the board will be the same video, manuscript and metalic ball described above with the blank Zone Zero Board. Price is $49.95. The Plain Board is $40.00


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