Impromptu or "jazz magic" is the ability to create unscripted or on-the-spot magic during a performance. Jazz Session is designed to bridge the gap for experienced magicians to help make your magic stronger and give tips and tricks on impromptu magic such as.

Making your magic hit harder

Setting up card stacks on the spot

Memory hacking

Using your surroundings

and more

The book highlights the author's experiences as a magician and doing magic in the Marine Corps by using antidotes followed by an essay on the lesson learned from that situation. Included are two original effects "Any Poker Hand," as well as "Hands off Mystery."

Any Poker Hand A card is divined then another spectator shuffles and cuts the deck to their own freely named poker hand.

Hands of Mystery A card is selected then in the hands of the spectator shuffled and cut to their card. (The magician never touches the deck!)

To watch Jarred perform magic is to witness something truly magical!

This book is a beautiful sixty-nine - page soft cover book and is made to last a long time; it is filled with life-like illustrations made by Jarred, himself! The are also extremely colorful pictures within this volume. Finally, no matter where you are on your magical journey, this book should be part of your library.

Price: $40.00

Jazz Session by Jarred Kraft-The book