Impromptu Magic From the Magic Castle by LeoBehnke

The tricks in this book are fully illustrated All drawings appear from the perspective of the performer so you don't have to turn the book or go through mental gyrations in order to know whether you should be moving to the right or left.

Each trick was selected for both its ease of performance and its astounding effect. The tricks appeal to a wide range of personalities and skills and represent careful thought that changes a magic trick into an entertaining event.

Whether you want to become a conjuror, a magical entertainer or simply a magic hobbiest, Impromptu Magic from the Magic Castle will take you and your audience on a magical mystery tour.

Leo Behnke has been a performer of close-up, nightclub, theater, television,and radio magic. His forte is creating special uses for magic , which he put to good use in his years as House Magician for the Magic Castle. He continues on as consultant for the Castle while runing his own company Magic Touch.

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