Paul Harris's Immaculate Connection-as performed by David Copperfield on his television special

The centers of three borrowed playing cards are ripped out-shaping them into "Cardboard Donuts." These Cardboard Donuts link togther, unlink then link again.

The first link just "happens." The Donuts are held at the fingertips...there's just a flicker... and they are suddenly linked. The unlink is achieved by blowing. The actual "wind force" creates this beautiful hands-off presentation. The second link tops the previous presentations when a Cardboard Donut instantly links as it is lifted lifted up off the table.

These three Close-up, full view presentations are real honest-to God free and hanging links-not pseudo, quasi, or pretend links.

When finished, the cards are handed back to the totally amazed owner of the cards.
Actually Jay Sankey came up with this concept and Paul rouitined it.

Price: $12.50