This two-volume set takes a unique look into the fertile mind of Gaetan Bloom. These books have been years in the making and are guaranteed to be a modern classic.

The books contain over 150 wildly-original effects by Gaetan Bloom. If you have seen any of his other releases, you will know that Gaetan doesn't create variations of standard plots; his magic is different. It's weird. It's original. It's amazing.

When it comes to genres of magic, Gaetan does not discriminate. The book contains original stage magic, close-up, illusions, cabaret, mentalism and more. The book even contains Gaetan's free-standing display mysteries. Intrigued? Wait until you see them!

"The material is absolutely sensational as is the design and production. It is an absolute modern classic." -Andy Nyman

“Gaetan's two book set, Full Bloom, is a treasure. But not a treasure to lock away, rather one to spend time with every day. It is like sitting with a friend and brainstorming ideas, with methods and presentations sparking all around you. And at the end, Gaetan shares his thread routine, which will open your heart as it did mine.” –Peter Samelson

"Unique, fun, creative stuff. Buy the book! It’s fantastic!" -Steve Brooks, Magic Café

"On one level, I only have one thing to say about this set of books: "No matter who you are or what your path is in magic, you need to own these books." -Bryce Kuhlman, My Lovely Assistant

"Turning the pages of Full Bloom is like having Xmas morning over and over - except that from Santa Bloom, no socks. The gifts are always more than you hoped for!" -Max Maven

"If you’re new to Bloom’s thinking, then prepare yourself for a wonderful whirlwind ride of laughter, amazement, and inspiration. At times, you will shake your head in astonishment at the endless playful ingenuity that seems to come so naturally from Bloom’s imagination. …this full spectrum of complexity shows Bloom’s mastery and understanding of what makes good magic." -Francis Menotti, Magic Magazine

"… you should absolutely buy them." -John Lovick, Genii Magazine

Price: $160.00

Full Bloom by Gaetan Bloom