Ron has beeen known to create some pretty bizaare magic! This one fits the bill. It is one of Ron's earlier effects, created in the 1980's. We found a few and once they are gone, this marvelous effect will be discontinued. Here is what the audience sees. The onlookers are shown several cards which are all different. A participant chooses a card and then our card worker snaps his fingers and he claims the chosen card has magically reversed itself in the packet. When the face-down cards are spread, there is only one face-up card, but unfortunately for the magician, it is the wrong card! At this point, our card worker introduces a card and claims is "a - cut - above - the - rest." This card is then rubbed across the top card of the face-down packet. Next, the packet is turned face-up and our wonderworker shakes the packet. A face-down, card falls out of the packet, but the card is partial card, with about 1/3 of the card's length missing! Next, our card worker displays the faces of the rest of the packet and the chosen card is not amongst them! The cut card is then turned face - up and it is the chosen card! Finally, when the cut- above -the - rest card is turned face - up it is a card with a frog's face as depicted. As the audience watches, a 1/3 piece of card rises from the the frog's mouth by itself! Our performer removes the piece and it is the missing piece of the chosen card. This is an extremely entertaining effect with magic and comedy along with the bizaar all rolled into one. The chosen card does not have to be the same card all the time and it is an instant reset, perfect for walk-around magic!

Price: $15.00

Ron Frost's Incredible Edible Card