Steve Dusheck's Special Occasion Postcards

"Every time I perform close-up magic in restaurants there are always patrons celebrating their birthday or anniversary. This wonderful Double Spell Force allows me to personalize their magical experience. You can also force Chrstmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Easter, Graduation, and Mother's Day."

Steve Dusheck

Eleven different Holiday and special occasion Postcards are displayed. The stack of postcards is turned face-down and a spectator is asked to name any one of the holidays or special occasions.

You spell the name of their freely selected special occasion or holiday and transfer one card from the top of the stack to the bottom for each letter you spell.

When the new top postcard is turned face-up, it is the same as the special occasion or holiday named by the spectator!

Next, you write a prediction and place it in plain view. The spectator is asked to to cut the stack of cards and complete the cut. The cards are turned face-up. You spell the holiday or special occasion seen on the face card of the stack and transfer one card for each letter as before.

The new card on the face of the stack is displayed and then your prediction opened. The prediction matches the spelled-to postcard! This is a great natural force.

This effect is very easy to do and is instantly repeatable at your next table. You can force many different holidays and special occasions. The routine is great on its own and can be used with many other tricks such as Mental Epic.

One of the postcards can be used alone as a separate trick.

There are many ways to use the ordinary postcards but you can learn the basic routine in a few minutes.

A good number of professional looking postcards are included, even Chinese New Year!

Don't miss out on this limited edition effect.

It's only $20.00