John Cornelius Magic

Bendable Pen

Effect: The magician shows an ordinary plastic pen. The pen is shown to be a solid pen. Magician then talks about people who bend spoons and keys by mental concentration. As he is talking, the performer rubs on the pen, and the pen becomes flexible, bending like rubber. The pen is rubbed one more time and becomes solid! The pen may now be handed to a spectator for total examination! Only one pen is used.
Nothing is added or taken away.
There is no sleight of hand.
The pen is usable for everyday use.
The pen is totally examinable.
Can be instantly reset.

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Fickle Nickel

This is as close to real magic you can get! This is the coin trick that Siegfried (of Siegfried and Roy) performed on the Worlds Greatest Magicians nationwide television show. It was also presented by Doug Henning on one of his specials.

In effect, while working in short sleeves, you remove a coin from your pocket and place it in your open left hand. The fingers now slowly close. The back and front of the a hand are freely shown. Then you slowly open you hand and the coin is gone! With you fingers spread wide apart, you proceed to slowly show both front and back of the hand. Close your hand again and when you reopen you hand the coin is back. When John Cornelius fist showed this at a convention it fooled every including Dai Vernon. The best thing about the Fickle Nickle is that it is done without sleight of hand! Comes with instructions and gimmick.

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The Original Pen Through Anything

This has got to be one of the top visual penetrations ever invented! In effect you remove an expensive looking designer type pen. You then borrow a bill from a spectator, and proceed to push the pen through the center of the bill. Once the pen is through the bill, you can show the pen and the bill from all angles. You then take the pen and proceed to rip it through the bill. They can actually hear the bill rip. Now slowly and fairly you rub your fingers over the torn parts, and the bill is now restored. Everything can be examined. This has been a sell out at every convention! You can also use a coin, a business card, your tie or just about anything. comes complete with gimmicked pen and a regular pen to match and 2 pages of photos for ease of learning.

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The Perfect Pen

John Cornelius invented the original Pen Through Anything in 1993. Later on he marketed the extra "Rip gaff" and a video and booklet by Jim Krenz on additional handlings. The new "Perfect Pen will do everything that the original did but with the added features listed.

Only one pen is used
The spectator may write with the pen
The pen is refillable.
The spectator actually see's the ripped pieces of the bill when the pen is pushed through the bill.
The pen is precision made and is attractive chrome with gold plating.
Nothing is added or taken away to achieve the illusion.
The pen is totally examinable before and after the effect.

Price $50.00



New.gif - 3055 BytesThe Thought Transmitter

The thought transmitter is unlike anything on the market--you won't be disappointed! A Must have! The Thought Transmitter is an ingenious custom made device that allows you to instantly gain the secret thoughts of another spectator. Or you can give the appearance of you sending thoughts to your spectator. This has now been made possible due to today's space age technology.

Imagine: You have a spectator write down the name of a playing card, a number, or a symbol on a post-it note that is inside of a totally opaque wallet. The spectator now closes the wallet and places a rubber band around the wallet. You never open the wallet but you know instantly what the spectator has written down. In fact the spectator can seal the wallet in a plastic bag and you could still gain the information!

The Advantages

There are no sliding or moving parts!
Everything can be freely handle without fear of detection!
There are no impressions, carbon paper, nothing stolen, no sleight of hand, no magnets, no center tears!
You gain the information instantly in full view of the spectator, and the effect can be repeated!
Fools even the most knowledgeable magicians or mentalists!

Price $40.00


Unseen Forces

Show a playing card on both sides and a half dollar(which can be borrowed). Hold the card at the very edge,at your fingertips. Place the coin on top of the card. The card is held as far away from the body as possible. Suddenly the coin begins to rise up from the surface of the card.The coin moves up and then slides over the back of the card then moves back and comes to rest on the back of the card!!.

There are NO Threads, magnets, wax or sleight of hand, and can be done surrounded.

Price $10.00



The FISM Act
US $35

John Cornelius is one of the most creative magicians in the world and the first American to win the F.I.S.M. World Championship of Magic competition (First Place in Close-Up, 1979). In 1985 he decided to enter the card division of the competition and once again won first place. For that special competition he designed a very special act he titled "Every card trick in the world in under ten minutes!"

On this video John performs that outstanding act and then teaches you every aspect of it. You will learn firsthand all of the intricate details of John Cornelius' World championship F.I.S.M. Act. From start to finish, he shows how to build the props, how to set up and routine the act and how to perform it. Includes a live performance of the act taped at The Magic Castle. Running time: approximately 90 minutes.
US $35


Creative Magic
US $35

John Cornelius is one of the most creative inventors in magic. He has won just about every award given for creativity. You will appreciate his genius as he teaches nineteen outstanding magic effects, sleights and ideas for the beginner, expert and everyone in between.

Learn effects John has used to baffle the top minds in magic, as well as material that has earned him magic's most prestigious awards. You will learn magic with cards, coins, cigarettes, balls, flash paper, business cards, ropes, handkerchiefs and more. Running time: approximately 90 minutes.
US $29.95

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The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius. There is no hyperbole in the title of this book, as much of the magic contained here gained its John not only accolades from his peers, but one him one of magic's highest honors-a world prize at F.I.S.M.-as well as being the only American to win the World Championship in Magic in two different categories and the only person to win the International Brotherhood of Magicians Creativity Award three times!
Thomas Edison, who knew a thing or two about the subject, said that genius was “one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” In The Award Winning Magic of John Cornelius, genius is apparent at every turn of the page.

John Cornelius is one of magic’s most innovative performers and inspired inventors and his effects and routines are in use by magicians the world over. In this long-anticipated book, author Lance Pierce explains John’s magic in meticulous detail, covering everything from legendary effects such as "Marked For Life," "The Fickle Nickel" and the ingenious "Shrinking Card Case" to every last nuance of John’s world-championship winning card act, “Every Card Trick In The World In Ten Minutes."

More than just a magic book, The Award-Winning Magic of John Cornelius is a journey into the mind of one of the foremost magical thinkers of our time, a man many have hailed as a creative genius.

Hardbound with Dust Jacket, 192 pages, fully photo-illustrated.

$45.00 plus postage