You will not fool you brother magician with this, but it will certainly entertain a lay audience. The bar code gag may be old to most every magician but here it has new life exactly like Martini uses in his corporate work.

If you are looking for enertainment, look no further. Easy to do and totally entertaining!

What exactly is Card - Code?

Well it is an old gag from the early 90's that has spun around Marty's head for years. He worked on it over and over until finally after years of tweaking, it was finalized in 2001.

An envelope is removed from a wallet and a spectator signs the flap of the envelope which is then replaced in the wallet.

Next, the spectator selects a card which is shuffled back into the deck. The wallet is opened; the envelope is removed and the flap is opened. Out slips a blank card with a bar code gag. Sure it gets a laugh, but then the spectator turns the card over and on the other side is a card matchng the spectator's selected card!

As stated earlier, it will not baffle your brother magicians, but it will astound and entertain a lay audience every time and they are the ones who pay you, not magicians.

This has been part of Marty's corporate work for years, and instead of just being a gag, he is finally parting with all the details that make this such an entertaining trick that works.

If you do walk around work or restaurant strolling, this is an ideal trick to perform! It is an instant reset and it can be repeated with different results. You receive Maty's full routine ( 10 typed pages in professional booklet form) and several bar code cards. Use your own deck or borrow one to perform this. The best part is the price!

Price: $5.00

The Card - Code by Martini's Magic