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DeSouza's DeCeption Book

Written by David Acer, 142 pages hardcover

Imagine a collection of material that is perfectly crafted for real-world use, each effect tried and tested hundreds of times before thousands of people, then trimmed to remove every last ounce of fat. Imagine a repertoire of routines that can each steal a show, astonishing in effect and cunning in method, parcelled in presentations that are amusing, entertaining and engaging. Imagine that you are holding such a treasure trove of material in your hands right now...


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Elite Kaps Wallet

Elite Himber-Bomb Wallet

Elite Garnier
3-Function Wallet

Peter Scarlett's
Pimpernel Wallet

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These wallets are manufactured for Camirand Academy of Magic to meet their high quality standards in craftmanship, and they are made of real leather for long wear.

My Way to Mentalism

For over 30 years, Tony Binarelli has done more than just fool his audiences - he has affected them. Using notepads, airplane tickets, cards, newspapers, and other everyday items people wouldn't normally think twice about, he creates the impossible, peering into the minds and hearts of his spectators with unfailing accuracy. He makes people question their eyes, their ears, their doubts, and ultimately, their very perception of reality, then he sends them home with a lasting sense of wonder. This is the magic of Tony Binarelli.

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Classic Studebaker Lecture Video

Master corporate entertainer Peter Studebaker finally surfaces from magic?s underground just long enough to share some of the inner secrets of one of the field?s most lucrative specialties. In this intimate lecture video, you will see Peter demonstrate his pet routines flawlessly, at the same time imparting the methodological and performing philosophies that have carried him to the very top of his field.

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Phil Matlin's Silver Sanctum

While the magician's back is turned, a spectator hides a match or other small object in one of two gleaming cylinders. Both cylinders are closed, then covered with ordinary opaque cups. The magician does not see anything, does not feel anything and does not hear anything, and yet, he unerringly picks the correct cylinder!

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