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I must admit that I judge all paddle tricks against Ken Brooke's 'Spotty Dots' which wasn't a paddle trick at all but did the best all time job of making magic out of colored dots jumping around plastic plaques until the spectator's cried uncle. At which point Brooke threw in a kicker ending he'd been keeping in his sock.

So on any given day I can watch paddle tricks come and go without paying too much attention. Of course there are treasured exceptions: a vintage rabbit in hat paddle from an old magic set, Harrison's original spot sticks and more recently Mark Young's Amazing Jumping Arrow.

Now Brian Geer's 'Meteor Paddle' has become a contender for my paddle short list. It is very visual, looks magical and provides lots of little, wonderfully illogical surprises to those watching. Which is pretty much what you want from a paddle trick.

Geer has accomplished this by adding three sleeves which slide on and off the paddle itself. The dots start out on the sleeves, then inexplicably jump onto the paddle, jump all together onto one sleeve and generally act in an amusing fashion. All of this happens without the worker having to know much more than the basic paddle move, plus of course spending some time learning the routine.

The paddle supplied has a nice industrial look. Made of black Plexiglas with a clear plexi handle, the edges are hard and square making it easy to manipulate. The paddle measures 5-1/8 inches (13.1 cm) over all with the paddle surface 1 x 3-1/8 inches (7.9 x 2.6 cm.) Once you've got the prop in hand, you may think as I do that building an even larger paddle, limited in size only by the move itself, would result in a pretty good platform effect, just as Meteor Paddle does the job close-up.

Meteor Paddle is a display effect, the props can't be examined and frankly there's no reason to worry that they can't. With a good line of chat and the paddle in hand you've got an entertaining, magical sequence that the spectators will enjoy watching.

The effect comes with the paddle, sleeves and an instruction sheet that explains the basic setup. A performance video on Geer's web site will fill you in on what happens when. Apparently it is also possible to buy the routine explanation as a download, it is not included in the instructions. You may want to check with your magic dealer about this.

Price: $20.00