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Beginner's Royal Magic

Nickels to Dimes

This is the first magic trick I bought! One of the most popular brass magic tricks. Double your money when four nickels turn to four dimes! You can also make the nickles vanish or turn into a ring. salt or a message! Examinable. One of the all time great pocket tricks; and very easy to do!


Ball Vase

Here is the first trick every one learns. The ball vanishes and reappears in the vase. Ed Marlo came up with a wonderful routine with two Ball and Vases!

$ 3.95

Production Box with Rabbit

Show this box completely empty then surprise your audience with a production of a number of tiems from within including a cute little rabbit.

$ 16.50

Chinese Sticks

These two separate magical wands have tasseled strings attached to the ends. Sometimes these strings seem connected and sometimes they seem not. How does one string go up when the other is pulled and the wands are held apart? Magic is the answer...Magic. A classic effect.

$ 8.50

Cups and Balls

One of the oldest classic effects of magic and still remains a secret. There are many routines to learn with the cups but here is where you begin. The balls penetrate the solid cups. graduate later to solid metal cups. Dandy taught 7 year olds the basic routine at his Kids College magic program. You can do it too!

$ 3.50

Money Maker

Put a plain piece of paper in the rollers and out comes a real bill of your choice! Looks like you print real money! Or better yet, Put the borrowed bill in the other way and out comes a plain piece of paper. Yikes! You can make a lot of money with this....If you can run fast.


Brainwave Deck

Unusual NO SKILL deck of cards where a spectator tells the magician the name of a card and immediately the magician spreads the cards toshow one card face up among all the face down red cards. But wait, that card is the only one in the deck with a blue back. Easy, no skill.

$ 10.00

Stripper Magic Cards

Here is a very popular deck of magic cards. The secret is subtle and still amazes! Very versatile, very easy, and loads of fun. You can play cards with these or hand them out! These cards are a great compliment to the Svengali Cards.

$ 9.99

Svengali Magic Cards and Lesson Video Combo

Here is the most popular deck of magic cards. Originally called "Cards Mysterious" and invented by Burling Hull nearly 75 years ago, the secret still amazes! Very versatile, very easy, and loads of fun.

$ 9.99

Steel Ball and tube

This is very mystifying when the silver ball mysteriously lowers into a tube held by a spectator, then rises on command. I recommend that you get the companion book written by Magic Ian along with the trick for $5.00
As a set: $9.00

$ 6.50

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