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More Ron Frost Magic
Price: $9. 50

This is an effect by Ron Frost. It is very entertaining mentalism. Three coasters like the one shown are displayed with a small plastic champaigne glass in front of each coaster. After the magician explains a cute story about Benny the Baffled Bartender, the magician says that both the spectator and magician will make some choices together. The spectator can start with either glasses or coasters. After this choice is made, the spectator freely selects any glass or any coaster (no force), depending on his first choice. The magician selects from what is left. Let's say the spectator chooses a glass first. The magician then selects a coaster. Then the spectator selects either coaster (free choice). The audience member then places his or her glass on the chosen coaster. The magician chooses a glass and places it on his coaster. The remaining glasses and coasters are freely selected by the spectator and magician. After all the choices have been made, each glass is turned upside down and the glass's bottom has a small number on it. The coaster under each glass is also turned over and amazingly, there is a matching number on the bottom of each coaster! Remember there is absolutely no forcing whatsoever. The props are cute; this effect is easy to do, baffling and the full presentation is included with the Benny the Baffled Bartender patter written by Ron.

Benny the Baffled Bartender-Discontinued!