1. You'll gain confidence by knowing what to say and when to say it!
  2. You won't have to worry about getting caught! As you deliver the lines the public will begin to jump ahead of you. As you lead them down this garden path you’ll have all the time you need to "do the move". THERE IS NO HEAT ON YOU.
  3. You’re provided with every essential detail for learning. Sandra Kort, magic's top illustrator, speeds up the learning curve and gets you on the right track, allowing you to learn each Performance Script with ease!
  4. You'll learn and understand how to use direction and misdirection. Yes, there is a significant difference. See RB comments below.
  5. MOST IMPORTANT, you and your audience will have MORE FUN THAN YOU’VE EVER HAD IN YOUR LIFE! But, don't take our word for it...

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The Ron Bauer Private Studies Series - Quotes

"The turn of the last century saw the publication of Lang Neil's MODERN CONJURER, a compilation of superb tricks by the leading magicians clearly described by a professional journalist. This was followed mid-century by the acclaimed STARS OF MAGIC series, featuring the best tricks of the best performers. Both books are deservedly classics still worthy of thoughtful study. Now they are joined by Ron Bauer's Private Studies Series. Ron is an influential creator and performer of magic and a confidant and mentor to many of today's leading professionals. His selection of material, clear exposition and Sandra Kort's superb illustrations make each booklet in this series an outstanding lesson in the performance of commercial magic. When the series is complete, it will be an essential course of study for any serious student of the art of magic."
-Richard Hatch
H&R Magic

"I've seen Ron Bauer, whose close-up is flawless, and whose stage routines are in the same category."
-Karrell Fox

"Ron Bauer is a master of scripting and handling. The routines, practical and brilliantly polished, will bring your magical thinking into new dimensions."
-Rafael Benatar

"Real world practical material that you can make money with.... I actually use some of it myself!"
-Bruce Cervon

Brilliantly thought out, vibrant, attractive packaging, and, the most important thing is the spectators love the effects. And, they're fun to do!
-Geno Munari

"I like number 12 best."
-Paul Chosse

"The Ron Bauer Private Studies Series give a performer first class effects, with great routining and well thought out presentations all presented in a first class package. What more can you ask for? All you have to add is YOU!"
-Paul Gertner

"Ron Bauer has done the hard work for us and he offers his results on a silver platter! He found the tricks, he's perfected the handling, he's created the presentation and he's ever written the script! All we have to do is read, follow Sandra Kort's crystal clear illustrations and practice. At ten dollars apiece, I think the Private Studies booklets are an excellent value!"

"I feel that the manuscripts are the finest instruction manuals to be released in magic. The value of them puts most typical magic books to shame. I look forward to lots more."

-Marc DeSouza

Ron Bauer's Private Studies Series contains some of the cleverest, commercial routines that I have witnessed-each booklet is truly a gem. Ron is to be highly commended for making such a unique series available.
-Tom Gagnon

"I highly recommend the Ron Bauer Private Study Series...for a mere ten bucks you get a fully scripted routine along with Ron's complete breakdown for the why and why nots of performing magic, Ron goes into great detail and covers every nook and cranny... read them, study them...then go perform them...the R.B.P.S. will change your way of thinking...it did mine!"
-Mike Gallo

"I have read a number of the "Ron Bauer Private Studies" manuscripts. I must say they are great. For someone looking to add performable routines, my recommendation would be to explore the great variety of routines offered by Ron Bauer. Each manuscript is thoroughly and clearly illustrated by Sandra Kort (I love the full color covers). The routines, once rehearsed, are complete and very entertaining. The information contained in each of the manuscripts can also be applied to other material. My current favorite is The Cursed Ring. I am glad these booklets are in my library."
-Paul Green

"Ron Bauer is one of the legends of magic, a true underground icon. Unlike many who publish untested tricks and "pipe dreams," in the "Private Studies" series Ron has released his pet routines. Note that I used the term "routines," for that is what these are--fully fleshed out, real-world, knock-'em-dead polished routines! Each booklet teaches you more than just a trick. It includes a complete professional performance script along with the all-important "whys"--the theory behind the routine; the psychology that makes the piece seem like real magic to the audience. This is rarely seen, especially by someone of Ron's stature, and it is what makes these pieces worth their weight in gold. In my opinion, it would be impossible for the true student of magic not to become a better magician as a result of careful study of these releases. I give them my unreserved absolute highest recommendation."
-Scott F. Guinn
Great Scott! It's Magic!

"Analyzing necessary details, Ron's educational writings distinctively and knowledgeably offer tremendous attention to the nuances crucial to performing great magic."
-Todd Karr
The Miracle Factory

"The discerning performer owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Ron Bauer for making available his unprecedented "Private Studies Series". Never before has the magic fraternity been offered such a variety of quality professional routines replete with every word of dialogue, crystal clear illustrations and the psychology necessary to insure each effect a masterpiece of theater."
-Roger Klause

"No one understands magic better than Ron Bauer. He brings to the Ron Bauer Private Studies Series his rich imagination and meticulous attention to detail. Every trick in the series is a magical treat."
-Bob Longe

"The illustrations are great; the covers are exciting and inviting; your scripts get the tricks off the ground and make their points perfectly. And the tricks themselves are wonderful: entertaining, entertaining, entertaining...and foolers!"
-Dennis Marks

"Ron Bauer's Private Studies series is as deceptive as its subject. Slim works with broad insight into the details and psychology that make a magic effect entertaining, memorable and baffling. Each "study" is a compact lesson in great magic."
-Stephen Minch
Hermetic Press

"If you think that $10 is a lot to pay for a trick, you must realize that the items in the Bauer series are not just tricks. Each booklet consists of an excellent magic effect combined not only with a solid presentation, but also with a detailed LESSON in how to CONSTRUCT solid presentations. You don't just learn a trick. You become a better magician."
-Mike Powers

"The booklets are excellent. No one can claim to know all the work on these classic effects without first reading Bauer's take on the subject."
-David Regal

"The Ron Bauer Private Study Series is a course which will make you a better magician… period. I consider this to be one of the most valuable investments I've made in magic as a working performer. Ron Bauer is a very successful businessman outside of magic and certainly did not put this course together to make money. Instead, he has worked on this with the help of a few close friends mostly out of his love for magic. Each booklet covers an effect in an extremely detailed manner discussing not only the how but more importantly the why. Now you may think "So I'm paying $10 per booklet and each only contains one trick?" And the answer to this is simply "No". Each booklet is a lesson, a piece that has been carefully crafted and honed down through years of thought and use before audiences. These are not simply tricks but instead carefully constructed routines. I consider it amazing that Ron would even share these pieces as he has obviously put so much time and thought into them. For a mere $10 each you are getting a steal. Each booklet also contains a thorough script that has been worked through and through and thought out in meticulous detail. In addition, each booklet discusses Ron's thinking on various important facets of performing. These alone are worth the price of the series. If you don't do any of the routines discussed but only gain some insight through these ideas you will have gained something of tremendous value. I find myself going back over these booklets time and time again and always find more. The booklets are beautifully illustrated by Sandra Kort, written in a fabulously insightful and meticulous manner by Ron, and put together with a great deal of care and pride by Ron, Sandra, and John Dowdy. These are truly one of the all time bargains in magic… these are pieces you will have and use quite possibly for the rest of your life."

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