Ron Frost's Attention Span

This is one of Ron's older effects. After pattering on problems associated with "attention spans," a magician shows seven cards, for example three nine of hearts, with blue backs and four ten of spades with red backs. The three nines are alternated with three of the four tens. First miracle-the blue and red backed cards separate! Next the card handler asks the spectator(s) what card was red-backed and what card was blue-backed. After the spectator answers, all the cards' faces are shown, they are all blank, even the seventh card! There is not a face to be seen. The cards were clearly shown in the beginning with full faces and backs! All is left for examanation at the end, too! The audience will be none the wiser. This effect is staggering to say the least! Some simple sleights are involved, although the effect far outweighs its simplicity. Get them while they last because this is a limited item!!!

Price: 13.50